But why?

My mission is to educate you, to develop your business records and have a clear understanding of what they mean.


Achieve financial control and plan for the future growth of your business, while along the way, having a friendly face to answer all of your questions.


Like to know more? 

The best way to find out more is by reaching out to me for a confidential discussion.


How can Humanising Money Matters help me?

HMM is solving the painful fear brought on by new entrepreneurs, especially new creatives, who don’t know or understand how to organise, set up or find clarity in their finances for business. I'm a helping hand who has your best interests in mind as a new entrepreneur, and I will use my experience to help you and your business grow.

What “role” would Humanising Money Matters play in my business?

My role is playing the “guide” or “mentor” role in our professional relationship. Not to scold, or treat you like a student, but as an equal with more experience on the matter. As your "Financial Entrepreneur Partner" I will guide you making the right decisions for both you and your business (Financial Coaching), mentor you to set up tools, habits and processes (Education), and then further mentor you on sustaining those towards future growth (Management).

Is Humanising Money Matters one guy?

Yes, that one guy is Roy Emmett (me) (he/him). I've been providing on-site accounting and bookkeeping services to small to medium-size businesses since 2003. Since working with many young creative entrepreneurs, I saw an opportunity to help and foster life-long financial practices that the Australian school system has never provided. You should be confident to run a business, doing what you love while supporting yourself and your family, without the fear of making a financial mistake.