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Origins behind Making Business Finance Sexy | Q & A

Learn the colourful origins of how a frustrated bookkeeper, and a fed-up creative entrepreneur, teamed up to take on the dungeon that is BUSINESS FINANCE FOR YOUNG CREATIVE ENTREPRENURES!

Join the esteemed business mentor, and bookkeeper to many local Geelong businesses, Roy Emmett of Humanising Money Matters. Joining them, is one of their bouncy young entrepreneurs (Zoë Wood of the Video Confidence Coach). In this 60-minute webinar; you'll discover (warts and all) what it is like for a struggling young entrepreneur, who (thanks to Roy) has now a flourishing business.

Watch the full livestream down below. Or if you're more of a listener, check out the corresponding podcast episode below the video.

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Starting a business can be the most rewarding, and hardest experiences in your life. Why not learn how to achieve a better relationship with your small business finances*, the ATO*, and the compulsory rules of having a business in Australia*. In other words, making your business finances sexy and compliant.

Roy and Zoë will be touching in this webinar:

  • How does a partnership like this even happen?

  • What took Roy down the road of making BUSINESS FINANCE SEXY?

  • Who can Roy help out?

  • Interactive Q & A through out the webinar, where you can get your niggling cash flow and compliance* questions answered.

This event is open to new and "new again" business owners, side hustlers and entrepreneurs. We held the event LIVE on YouTube at 6:30pm 20th of September 2021.

Roy always looks forward to answering your questions, and making business finance more appealing, in a SFW (safe for work) way.

T's & C's

*The views and opinions expressed by Roy Emmett of Humanising Money Matters (HMM)are made in good faith. It is to be noted that Roy is NOT a Australian accredited tax agent. Information given (in all contexts) is purely Roy's opinion, based on a lifetime of experience in the small business sector. These opinions fit into exemption (s911A(2)(ec)), as the sole and principal purpose of HMM's content is NOT to provide tax advice but is rather factual information which is freely available on the ATO website. Roy always recommends speaking to an accredited tax agent, before making any financial decisions in relation to your business. HMM does not hold accreditation with the Australian Tax Agent Board (TAV). Therefore, Roy cannot give individual tax advice, and in fact any financial advice as a whole, including general advice. All rights Reserved © 2021 By Roy Emmett of Humanising Money Matters | ABN 33 650 835 832

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